Never Saw It Coming – UK Paperback Release!

Never Saw It Coming is now available in paperback in the UKGetInline

Two years ago, I wrote a novella called Clouded Vision. It told the tale of Keisha Ceylon, the bogus psychic who made a small appearance in my novel No Time for Goodbye. Keisha watches the news for stories of missing people, then, after a few days, she approaches families to tell them she’s had a vision. She thinks she may know where their missing loved ones are, and for a price, she’ll give them the details. In the novella, she contacts a man whose wife has been gone for days, and when her vision gets a little too close to the truth, Keisha realizes she may end up missing, too.

Clouded Vision is a tight, short, open-ended little tale. Readers wrote and asked, “What happened next?” My publisher wanted to know, too, so they asked me to write an entire novel based on Clouded Vision.

Never Saw it Coming contains elements of the novella, but it’s an entirely new story. New characters, new plot twists, and an entirely new ending. If you’re wondering what happened to Keisha after the end of Clouded Vision, you’re going to want to read Never Saw it Coming.

I’ll tell you this much: Things don’t get a whole lot better for her

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Check out the trailer by Loading Doc Productions below.

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